Out Now: Into The Wild

‘Into the Wild’ is the fourth single of her brand new EP, to be released this fall 2023. The songs are a very intimate glance into the life of this country/pop influenced singer. This first single is a little taste of whats to come in 2024.

Into the wild quote: “Life is full of light, love and happiness, but sometimes it can also be a lot. The struggles in life combined with taking care of your family, all the social stuff and work sometimes make your inside feel like a messy tornado. As they say in Holland, the bucket is full, and every next little drop makes it overflow. Nature to me is a place where I can release and recharge. All I need to be, is Into the wild”

The EP was written via zoom with Dutch Songwriter Sander de Groot and Grammy winning writer Femke and was recorded in Nashville by musicians who have played with artists such as Beyonce, Kacey Musgraves, Lady Gaga and more.