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About Jennifer

Jennifer Ewbank is a singer-songwriter and pianist with an unlimited passion for music.


Raised as the daughter of a British musician, Jennifer is influenced by country music – iconic songs by The Eagles and Dolly Parton. She has not only been singing from a young age, she has also been writing and composing her own music for years.

As an artist, Jennifer regularly appears in various TV programs and performs in countries such as the Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Finland, Monaco, Engeland etc.

Jennifer also participated in the international production of the spectacular arena show Peter Pan, The Neverending Story, in which she flew in the role of Tinkerbell, singing through the Ziggo Dome, Vorst Nationaal in Brussels and Ahoy Rotterdam, she sang for our Dutch King Willem Alexander, she performed for The Voice in the Heineken Music Hall and visited a large number of theaters in both the Netherlands and Belgium alongside Belle Perez. And not to forget; the many performances she has provided at various special events such as dinners, galas and weddings.

Recently she was a finalist in the popular Dutch TV program ‘Better Then Ever but she also performed a beautiful duet with her niece ‘Day‘ on the RTL TV program ‘DNA Singers‘.

Lighthouse ft. Christopher Ewbank
Jennifer’s latest release is a duet with her father Christopher Ewbank called “Lighthouse”. A song about the bond between father and daughter, but it can apply to any close bond.

In the song, Lighthouse symbolizes her father, but also the other way around.
A beacon of safety that is always there for her. Where Jennifer grows up from girl to woman, flies out and walks her own path, but can always find her way back to her Lighthouse. Her father.

Lighthouse is the 4th song from the upcoming EP Footprints.
The entire EP will be released in March 2024.

She is currently touring with Douwe Bob throughout the Netherlands.

Lighthouse (Official Music Video)

Jennifer Ewbank

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